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List of Ways to Monetize Your Site

By now you should know that it's possible to make money from a website or a blog. So here are some ideas that you can apply to your site ...

Make Money From Advertising

Probably the easiest way to make money from a site. This method requires a lot of traffic, and getting traffic takes time especially from search engines. The most famous advertising network for webmasters is Google AdSense. You can be paid with a cheque or a wire transfer to your bank account. Some people are making a living from AdSense.

Make Money From Subscriptions

This method is pretty easy. Build great content, or offer a premuime feature in your website and people will pay for access to these features or content. It's very profitable and there are a lot of niches for this kinda monetizing.

Make Money By Refering Other Peoples Products

This method is known as affiliate marketing. You jest need to find the right product for you to advertise on your site. You earn from commission. This method also requires traffic.

Selling Hard Goods

You can sell products on your site like t-shirts. It can be anything you want. This method needs inventory but it can be very profitable.

Selling Digital Goods

This method is fantastic. Because you don't need inventory and if you create something great like a software you can be making hundred of thousands of dollars a month.

Selling Services

If you are skilled you can sell services like search engine optimization, or whatever you want and good at.

If you have a way of making money from a website that I did not mention here please share it in the comment section.