Project Lists

List of Website Ideas

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Information Based Websites

1. Cooking Recipes Website

People find these websites helpful. Goodbye books, hello Internet.

2. Operating System Errors Solutions Website

Have you ever ran into a problem with your Mac or Windows? These kind of websites help a lot.

3. Reviwing and Comparing Products Website

Everyone wants to read about and compare the products they're about to purchase.

4. Movies and TV Shows Reviews and Ratings

Find out the latest movies and the best TV shows to watch. Find out what other people are thinking.

5. Niche Website or Blog

Pick a topic you are good at and start writing great content about it.

6. Products Prices

Ever wonder how much a coke is? Find out the prices of products that are on the market.

Digital Products Websites

1. Sell Icons

Icons make websites look good and professional. You can mix between free and premium icons.

2. Sell Fonts

Fonts also make websites look better. You can have both free and premium fonts.

3. Sell Professional Pictures

These pictures can be used for ads, articles, or just to make the site look better.

4. Sell Code Snippets

Code snippets can be very useful for other Web Developers who need to save time and effort building applications

5. Sell Themes and Templates

This is good for none programmers who want a ready and cheap website.

6. Sell Websites

People are looking for investing their money. And websites is a great way to start. Why not buy an established website.

7. Sell Website Traffic

Everybody wants to drive traffic to their website, why not sell it or exchange it.

8. Sell Beats and Music

Create a community where people can sell their beats and instrumentals.

Tools and Calculators Websites

1. Website Worth Calculator

Do you want to know how much a website could be worth? These kinda sites solve this problem.

2. Mathematics and Scientific Calculators

People are looking for easy to use calculators for their projects.

3. Keyword rank Tracker

Websites are competing for high rankings on Google, and they need to know their rank.

4. Keyword Suggestion Tool

These kinda websites are great for keyword research.

5. Backlinks Checker Tool

For checking how many backlinks your website have, or spy on your competitors backlink profile.

6. Website Cost Calculator

Every Web Developer needs a tool like this. Why? Because they need to figure out how much should they charge their clients.

Subscription Based Websites

1. Premium Blog Content

You can add a premium content section on your blog for more details and help on the subject.

2. Dating Website

Make registration free, but if the user is interested in more features he have to get access.

3. Premium Forum

You can offer a free membership, but if the user wants to post in a premium forum or add a link to his signature he/she must pay.

4. Premium Video Website

Just like YouTube, but with offering premium videos for a monthly subscription. It could be educational, fun, or what ever you want.

eCommerce Websites

1. Sell Men & Women Watches

I love watches, so does a lot of people. Unlike clothes or shoes, watches are easy to sell online.

2. Sell Hand Made & Custom Products

Do you love unique items? People love it because it's it's tailored to them specially.

3. Sell Products That Are Sold Out

The Internet is the best place to sell sold out, old, or out of market products.

4. Sell Funny & Creative T-Shirts

If you have a sense of humor and creativety, you can sell t-shirts with funny quotes.

Classified Ads Websites

1. Used Cars Classified Ads Website

Search for used cars in your area. Very helpful and useful kinda website.

2. Properties Classified Ads Website

Are you looking for a new home, or office? Look no more.

3. Services Classified Ads Website

You can include services like website or app development, content writing, and more.

Other Websites

1. Contests Website

Do you want a name for your business, or a logo? Start a contest and pick what you like.

2. Flash Games Website

Kids love these kinda websites. It keeps them busy. Plus, it's easy to manage and monetize.