Project Lists

Websites For Web Developers

These websites will make your life so much easier and will make you better as a web developer. Let's jump right in ...

1. Stack Overflow

This website will help you solve programming and technical problems. You can also solve other peoples problems and gain some skills.

2. Dani Web

Now this website will help you a lot with your project. Whether you need marketing advice, or to solve a problem in programming.

3. Code Canyon

This website will help you find code snippets from professionals to save time programming complex stuff.

4. GitHub

This website is for open source softwere projects. You can get code or share your code with other software engineers.

5. W3Schools

This website is for learning Web Development and can be a great reference for Web Developers.

6. Code Project

This site is similar to Stack Overflow. You can use it to solve programming issues.